Avoid Getting A Cold

School just started, and that means that your child will be bringing home more than just homework. It’s a known fact that kids share germs, especially at school. This doesn’t change throughout life. If someone in the office is sick, it probably means everyone will have it at some point or another. It’s the price we pay for being in small quarters with other people. While it may be a good thing to strengthen our immune systems, it’s a pain to be sick. Just Kids Pediatrics is a children’s pediatric health care facility and urgent care located in Oklahoma City, and we want to share with you some helpful tips to ward off a cold before it takes over your life.

Act Fast

Colds can wipe you out, and they overcome you very quickly, much too quickly. You are able to notice when you are getting sick, so instead of ignoring it, address it head on. There are a few ways to ward off a cold before it overcomes you. If you don’t take vitamins, then purchase a few as you feel your body begin to turn on you. There are many over-the-counter medicines that will give you these vitamins, or you can take the vitamin in its pure form. Ask your doctor about what vitamins are best for children.


Drink lots and lots of fluids when you feel a cold coming on. Drink fluids like tea, water, and orange juice. Water is the most important fluid to drink because it’s healthy and allows your body to stay hydrated. Orange juice will provide you with extra vitamins, and tea with honey is able to sooth a sore throat or calm a cough that just won’t go away. If you have a child who is very young, however, do not give him or her honey as it may make them very sick.


When you begin feeling that cold come on, take some time to yourself. Instead of staying in the office and working overtime or taking that Crossfit class, relax. Cut down on the stress in your life, as difficult as that might be, and take a nap, listen to music, meditate, practice some light exercise, or watch a movie.

If your child is exhibiting cold symptoms or you need to make an appointment, contact us to schedule. We also offer pediatric urgent care.